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"좋은 기억 있음. 자전거 빌릴 수 있어서 재밌게 여행했음."
dk daniel
"Preisleistung Ok. Personal sehr nett. Die Zimmer sind sehr groß und gut aufgeteilt (Familien Suite) Standort ist direkt in der Stadt alles zu Fus leicht erreichbar."
Alex Bohdan
"Хороший хостел за свои деньги. Номера чистые и опрятные. Персонал приветливый. На всех этажах хороший интернет. Посетителям нужно учитывать что берут наличностью депозит за ключ в размере 10€ ."
Hristo Vladimirov
"Price-quality is good, great location near the historical center, good service overall, well maintained."
Bianca Marques
"The staff is quite friendly, the hostel was clean and I had a nice time there! Anna, one of the people who work there, is really sweet and made everybody at the bar have some fun. :)"
Felipe Guzman
"Muy buen hostal. Está muy bien ubicado, por lo que puedes llegar caminando a casi cualquier punto de interés. Con lavandería, cocina y bar"
Fruzsina Vadaszi
"I highly recommand this place. It has everything you need. Kind receptionists."
Julián Lukáčik
"Svojou cenou a kvalitou je to to najlepšie čo môžte v centre Bratislavy nájsť"
Nicolas Schnaiker
"Gutes Hostel. Nicht allzu extravagante sehr schlicht in einem Hinterhof. Mit einem internen Außenbereich und integrierter Hostel Bar. Für 2-3 Tage aber mega ausreichend. Den Preis von 7-10€ für ein 4-6 Zimmer sollte man noch positiv Hervorheben."
May D.
"El mejor hostel de Bratislava. Cerca del centro, barato y cubre todas las necesidades. Cocina grande, lavandería e incluso un bar dentro!"
anu somisetty
"Affordable and very good hospitality. Clean and tidy. Locker facility for luggage in the rooms is also available. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served for free during hostel party. We played games like chess, table football etc. too"
Paco Reyes
"Hostel muy bien ubicado, muy limpio, tiene lavadoras, secadoras y tendederos lo cual le da un +, tiene bar en la planta de abajo que abre de 17 a 00 y esta muy bien para relacionarse con la gente del hostel. Nuestra experiencia fue buena!"
Ibrahim Yousef
"It's better than expected, definitely recommend it"
Abubakar Hameed
"It was nice and clean place to stay. They even offered a welcome drink to all guests. They also had common area to play diffrent games."
Magdi Potros
"Good location near city center, nice kitchen, free PC to use, free washing machine, pub downstairs, good vipes, I recommend it!"
Hannah Newberry
"For the price this Hostel is brilliant! The volunteers (staff) are all friendly and willing to help. The bar is cheap and a great way to meet people, if you join in with the games you get a free pint! The beds are comfy, everywhere is clean, well equipped kitchen and washroom. I would stay here again."
Marián Ambrozy
"ubytovňa je skromnejšia, záchody aj sprchy na chodbe, ceny by mohli byť o niečo nižšie. Oceňujem jeden drink na účet podniku pre hostí."
Elena Mas forteza
"Hostal perfecto en la preciosa ciudad de bratislava."
Pavol Polacek
"Skvelé miesto, príjemná recepčná, čisté izby, teplá voda, uteráky,fungujúci výťah, bezproblémové parkovanie. Ako keby ste neboli v blave, tá je a keď výjdeš z podjazdu. Super odporúčam."
Lili Leschi
"Such a great stay at patio hostel! The rooms are nice, everything is clean. The staff were extremely friendly and welcoming. Luan and Clara were the most amazing staff! Those two really changed the atmosphere of the hostel and made for some great memories. Would love to come back again!"
"Ottimo ostello, zona centrale figo il bar e la Common room. L-1 amazing worker there too"
nikola mihinjač
"We came in the hostel for this duration and hostel staff was good and polite. Also sarthak rajora created the good vibes to makes us comfortable and welcomed Also shout out to the bartender Kristina for making us laugh and having a blast with her!! Cheers Patio!!"
Megan Moore
"Luan and Clara were great. They really took care of us during our stay and went above and beyond. They even made sure we had somewhere local and fun to go after the bar was closed and showed us around. Super sweet. Affordable hostel too and a great place to meet a bunch of people."
theo mergez
"Amazing hostel, vert nice, clean, friendly reception and well located. Pub downstairs with events, washing machines lot of facilities and amazing atmosphere. I can only recommend, thank you for the good time"
Fabian Blanco
"I loved it! This hostel is alive, there's a magical vibe. They offer everything you need, even free self service laundry. The bar is amazing! The guy Thierry did a great job at hosting the drinking games. 1000% recommended. The had a great time. I'm looking forward to go back."
Rocio R.
"Un hostel completo, económico y bien ubicado. Lo recomiendo"
Zuzana Kuljovská
"Výborná cena a výkon."
Fernando Merino
"Bien situado, al lado del centro, tranquilo. Literas bien y baño muy bien."
Штонда Олексій
"Велика , простора кімната. Чисто. Привітливий і вічливий персонал."
Ludovica Morricone
"Great hostel, nice people, rooms clean. I recommend. Good position. Great prices."
Time travel in downtown

Bratislava has a lot of interesting historical sites. However, only a few of them can transfer you straight from the hustle and bustle of a modern city to a place full of history and tranquillity. 

St. Andrew's Cemetery is one of the ...

Gothic tower, what grows from the ground?

You have already found accommodation in Bratislava. You will spend some time in the capital, and whether you decide to visit it without a plan and go where your feet will lead you or you already have your plans, a tip for an interesting and not ...

Devin Castle: One of the oldest Slovak forts

If you decide to visit the capital of Slovakia, do not miss the Devín Castle distant from the city center 40 minutes by public transport, 20 minutes by car, boat from the port of Bratislava (April to September daily except Monday and September to ...

Petržalka: Bronx of Bratislava

Very few visitors of our capital are interested in the Bratislava district on the right bank of the Danube. Petržalka was founded in 1920 in the then Czechoslovakia and gradually became the largest inhabited city not only in Bratislava, but also ...

The oldest hotel in the world is more than 1300 years old

When traveling in Europe, hostels are a proven choice of accommodation for travelers on a limited budget. Not only do dormitory-style rooms allow you to travel cheaper, but in general hostels are also located in strategic areas of the city, they ...

Circus, ship and plane: Hostels in Europe differently

When traveling in Europe, hostels are a proven choice of accommodation for travelers on a limited budget. Not only do dormitory-style rooms allow you to travel cheaper, but in general hostels are also located in strategic areas of the city, they ...

Trips around Bratislava

Bratislava is one of the most visited cities in Slovakia and every day we have the opportunity to meet a huge number of tourists who visit individual monuments and places in our capital.

There are a huge number of monuments and places worth ...

Cirque du Soleil Bratislava 2018

Since his initial appearance in Quebec in 1984, Cirque du Soleil has evolved into one of the most famous, if not the best known circus in the world. The range of Cirque du Soleil's performances has transformed and changed over the years, but key ...

1959 and Bratislava

History can excite to some degree about everyone. Of course, it's about how and what it can fascinate us about. For some, it may be knowledge, for others stories or facts and detailed information, and for others, beautiful historical images or ...

We set the mirror for the Slovaks. What do foreigners think about us?

Many Slovaks are leaving to live abroad. On the other hand, many foreigners live in Slovakia. We tried to transform the Slovak eagerness of attributing mistakes to others to the mirror setting by us - Slovaks. Before we get the opinion of ...

A few tips on how to avoid a bad hostel

If you travel somewhere and plan to stay there, there are always risks. Especially when it comes to low-cost travel to places with a large number of accommodation facilities. One of them is that you will find accommodation that is not what you ...

Events in June

Whenever you visit Bratislava, you will not be bored. But if you're wondering which season is best for your visit, we offer you an overview of the events that will take place in Bratislava in June.

Cultural Summer and Castle ...

What to do in Bratislava for 3 days?

Whether you are a home or a tourist, we have prepared for you a few tips on how to spend a pleasant 3 days in Bratislava. Our capital has changed enormously in recent years. There has been a huge increase in leisure time opportunities to a large ...

The Bratislava UFO offers a far view

Can you imagine that Bratislava would be reduced in front of your eyes the dimensions of a toy kit? It may sound like a fiction, but this idea may not be completely unrealistic. All you have to do is get to the lift of the UFO lookout tower, which ...

Hostel Bratislava - The advantages of hostel accommodation

Staying at a hostel can not only save you a significant amount of money, but will also allow you to communicate and meet other like-minded travelers who may have local recommendations, making your stay even more authentic. What are the other ...

When choosing a hostel it is good to consider the included services

Hostels are no longer the only attraction for young students or people who want to save some money. Hostels and their services have fallen into the category of the desired type of accommodation in recent years. Not only are they more affordable, ...

Even in winter, it is worth visiting Bratislava

Bratislava is a city of many possibilities. Get to know her the most interesting objects and places that await you, of course, even in winter - whether in the main squares or in the hidden streets. If you want to get to know our capital city and ...

What attracts Christmas markets in Bratislava

When we say the Christmas markets, most of us think of good food, warm mead, pleasant Christmas music and just a great Christmas mood. If the atmosphere is complemented by light snowflakes and a few degrees below zero, shopping on Christmas ...

Trips around Bratislava during autumn

This autumn brought to Bratislava a colorful, charming, but also rainy and crazy weather. However, in addition to weather fads, this period, in which fruit ripens and leaves fall out of trees, also offers many interesting cultural and artistic ...

SOGA, a place where art lives

While some just need to have a picture bought at a common shop at home, others like to make their home special with a real piece of art. A unique and valuable work. If you belong to the second group of people, or at least once thought that you ...

MDC - Railway Museum Bratislava (Rendez)

Bratislava East Railway Museum

The Company Railway Museum (Museum-Documentation Center - MDC) was founded in 1983 as an organizational unit of the former ČSD Eastern Railway Administration in Bratislava. In the 1990s it became a part of ...

Danubiana - modern art on the peninsula

At Čunovo, on the peninsula not far from Bratislava, it combines a place of relaxation and artistic enjoyment. Large park of 8000, but also a ship-shaped building, both in places where the northern border of the Roman Empire "Limes Romanus" once ...

Treasures of Bratislava Castle

Each capital city should have a historical landmark, which can be exhibited by curious tourists. The capital of Slovakia proudly presents Bratislava Castle in the information brochures, otherwise known as the reverse chair. The castle is located ...

How to spend summer in Bratislava

How to spend summer in Bratislava Do you plan to visit the capital of Slovakia? Do you want to know what you can experience there during the summer? There are many possibilities, it will depend mainly on your preferences and amount of free ...

Where to go to the water in Bratislava

Elevated summer temperatures ask for cool refreshment in any form. One of them, a very popular one, is to visit swimming pools and other water bodies suitable for swimming. In Bratislava and its surroundings you have a choice of swimming ...

Drama in Bratislava

Are you interested in dramatic art? If so, you are in the right place in Bratislava. The capital of Slovakia boasts an offer in which there is a choice not only one, but several theaters, while in each of them a different kind of staging awaits ...

Weekend in Bratislava

Bratislava is a city that is worth visiting. Maybe that's why he has the nickname "Beauty on the Danube". If you are not living in Bratislava or its surroundings, we recommend that you make a trip here at least for the weekend. ...

Where to go in Bratislava

Bratislava is one of the favorite tourist resorts every year. This is evidenced by the annual increase in its visitors. In addition to cheap accommodation in Bratislava, you will also find many quality ...

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